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        About us
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        We are the founding and board member of the Consortium of Pressure Swing Adsorption Technology for Gas Separation that is attached to the Society of the Machinery Industry Gas Separation Device and Equipment of China. Our company is one of the leading players/companies in the field of carbonaceous porous materials especially in the field of carbon molecular sieves. We have expertise and well-established track record in the production of carbon molecular sieves for air separation for nearly twenty years, and have developed long-term cooperation relationship with outstanding talents and experts in research institutes and universities in China that will supply timely technical support. 

        The technology for producing carbon molecular sieves for air separation has been awarded the runners-up prize for technology achievements by the National Educational Committee of China (now the Education Ministry of China). The quality and separation performance of our products, i.e. carbon molecular sieves for air separation, are first-rate. The carbon molecular sieves produced by our company have been widely applied as the indispensable adsorbent in PSA Nitrogen Production Units made at home and abroad. Our products have been sold to a number of countries in Asia, Europe and America.


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